Caritas Lok Heep Club was founded in 1968. Our two centres provide counseling service to people from all walks of life, regardless of their nationality, age or gender. We help them deal with problems related  to drug abuse.



1. Assisting clients to quit drug abuse and manage problems,
2. Assisting ex-drug abusers to maintain abstinence,
3. Assisting family members of drug abusers to deal with problems related with drug abuse and
4. Organizing drug prevention programmes.

Target Service Recipients


1. Drug abusers,
2. Ex-drug Abusers,
3. Family members of drug/ ex-drug abusers and 
4. The public.

Service Contents


1.Drug counseling and motivation enhancement for clients to cease abusing drugs: Individual counseling, on-site medical services and referral to residential treatment and rehabilitation programmes, etc
2.Rehabilitation support:
Casework follow-up, groupwork service, housing referral and drug test, etc.
3.Service to Family Members of Drug Abusers :
Family counceling, mutual support group, home visits by vounteers and educational group for family members, etc.
4.Drug Prevenion Education:
Talks at school, exhibitions, professional training and other anti-drug mass programmes
5.Other Services:
Reaching the Unreachables and Breaking Codependency -Supporting Platform for Family Members of Substance Abusers, Employee Drug Test Scheme, Counseling and Family Support Service to Alcohol Abusers.

Apply for and Exit from Service


1. Simply visit our Centre or call our Club
2. Service users could stop receiving our service by giving verbal or writing request



Free of charge