Counseling and Family Support Service to Alcohol Abusers


1. Alcohol abusers,
2. Ex-alcohol abusers,
3. Family members of alcohol/ ex-alcohol abusers

Scope of Service

1.Counseling service
2.Therapeutic and rehabilitation groups
3.Family support service:
  ● Family counseling and mutual support groups 
  ● Enhancing the knowledge of family members of alcohol abusers to deal with alcohol abuse problems and improve the relationship between the abusers and their family member.


The Tips on Preventing Alcohol Abuse

1.When you want to drink alcohol, you can call your friends, family members and social workers to get support.
2.You can set the alcohol consumption limit every day.
3.You need to buy non-alcoholic drinks only.
4.You need to keep alcohol’s friend at a distance.
5.You need develop more health hobbies to substitute drinking alcohol.
6.Don’t go to high risk environment, such as a bar.
7.Drink alcohol slowly.
8.You can keep a family photo in your wallet. When you want to drink alcohol, you look at the photo to remind you the harms of alcohol to your family.

Assisting the Family Member to Cease Alcohol Abuse

1.Let the abusers to know the harmful effect of alcohol abuse. Don’t help the abusers to solve the alcohol related problems
2.Don’t argue with the abuser when he/she gets drunk.
3.You can search the information on alcohol treatment service and encourage the abusers to seek help.
4.You can support and escort the alcohol abuser to join a treatment programme
5.Peer sharing (Ex-alcoholic abusers) can help the abusers to cease alcohol.
6.If the abusers do not want to seek help, family member also can seek help from professionals to enhance the knowledge on dealing with alcohol problem in family firstly.
7.You need to set up the bottom line to avoid the influence from alcohol abusers.

How Much Alcohol is Too Much

According to The Royal college of Psychiatrists, the safe limit of drinking alcohol is 21 units per week for men and 14 units per week for women. In one day, it is best for a man to drink no more than 4 units and for a woman to drink no more than 3 units. 

How Much (Units of Alcohol) Have You Drunk

Number of units of alcohol = Alcohol content(% by volume) X Drink volume (ml) ÷ 1000

For example :Number of units of a tin of beer(volume is 330 ml、alcohol content 5%) 5 % X 330 ml ÷1000 = 1.65 units