Project on Drug Prevention for Employees


The aims of the scheme:
1. To concern the health of the employees. Those who are found to have abused drugs will be helped to deal with their problem
2. To provide a healthy work place which is not affected by destructive behaviours of colleagues who abuse drugs.
3. To maintain productivity and goodwill.

Say No to Drugs!!

1. Consultant Service

Assisting the company to design and implement a drug policy
Answering the enquiries from employer and employees about drug abuse

2. Drug Counseling Service

Providing counseling service to employees who abuse drugs to help solve the drug problem and resume working


3. Talks

Anti-drug prevention education Introducing how to deal with drug abuse in the workplace


4. Drug Tests

Examining the drug abuse status of the employees Providing help to employees to have drug abuse problems



 * The services could be tailor-made to suit individual and company needs