Drug Related Law


Common Behaviour Common illegal drug behavior in DANGEROUS DRUGS ORDINANCE Fine of Imprisonment for
(a) Having in his possession; or
(b) smoking, inhaling, ingesting or injecting,
a dangerous drug
Section 8: Possession of dangerous drugs otherwise than for trafficking, and consumption of dangerous drugs HK$1,000,000 7 years
Trafficking in
dangerous drugs
Section 4: Trafficking in dangerous drugs HK$5,000,000 Life
(a) manufacture a dangerous drug; or
(b) do or offer to do an act preparatory to or for the purpose of manufacturing a dangerous drug.
Section 6: Manufacture of dangerous drugs HK$5,000,000 Life
Possession any pipe, quipment or apparatus fit
and intended for the smoking, inhalation, ingestion or injection of a dangerous drug
Section 36: Possession of pipes, equipment, etc. HK$10,000 3 years

Road Traffic (Amendment) Ordinance 2011

The Ordinance imposes stricter controls over drug driving. It will be an offence for anyone to drive with any concentration of heroin, ketamine, methamphetamine (commonly called "ice"), cannabis, cocaine and MDMA (commonly called "ecstasy"), present in his or her blood or urine, whether his or her driving ability is impaired or not. The maximum fine is $25,000 and to a maximum imprisonment is three years. The person will also be subject to driving disqualification for not less than two years on a first conviction,and not less than five years on a subsequent conviction.

The above information is only for general reference. If there are any legal problems about drug abuse, please feel free to contact our social workers.