On-site Medical Support Services

Our Club provides medical support services to drug abusers. Services
Include medical checkup and consulting doctor or psychiatrist

Aims of the service

1.To enhance the drug abuser’s concern to their health and to enhance their motivation on quitting drugs
2.To deal with their drug-related health problems

Flow of service

1.A case worker interviews the client
2.The nurse assesses the physical and psychological health of the client
3.The nurse arranges medical consultation for the client
4.The nurse arranges medical checkup for the client according to the doctor’s suggestions
5.The nurse refers the client to specialty clinic, such as psychiatry or urology

Contents of medical checkup

Blood test: Liver/ Renal function test, VDRL
Urine test: Routine urine test
X-ray: Chest X-ray
(Contents of medical checkup will vary according to the needs of the individual client)

For enquiry, please visit our centre or contact Ms Chui RN(Psy) at 2382 0267.