Service Introduction

Caritas Lok Heep Club has been serving people with drug-related problems from all walks of life, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity and type of drug use since 1968. We have service centre in Wanchai and Wong Tai Sin, respectively, to provide drug abusers and their family members with services to improve their personal and family functioning.

Our Philosophy

Adopting a family-centered approach to repair damaged relationships and develop strengths

Our Objectives

Assisting drug abusers to quit drugs and manage pertinent problems,

Assisting ex-drug abusers to maintain abstinence,

Assisting family members of drug abusers to deal with drug-related problems at home,

Organizing drug prevention programmes.

Our Service Users

  1. Drug abusers,
  2. Ex-drug Abusers,
  3. Family members of drug/ ex-drug abusers and
  4. The public.