Our Services


  • Enhance the motivation of drug abusers and ex-drug abusers to change, drawing up specific rehabilitation plans that suit their needs
  • Assist drug abusers and ex-drug abusers in managing drug-related problems, so as to improve their overall quality of life
  • Enhance ex-drug abusers’ awareness of the impact of trauma and equip them with the knowledge and skills to deal with its after-effects
  • Make referral for other professional assistance, such as medical services, marriage counseling and residential rehab treatment

Group Services

  • Emotional healing groups: Improve self-awareness and the ability to handle the after-effects of trauma, so as to achieve continuous and stable recovery
  • Relapse prevention groups: Enhance motivation to change and to acquire skills to guard against relapse
  • Developmental / Interests / Volunteering groups and program: rebuild a healthy lifestyle to facilitate personal growth and realize potential

Drug Testing Services

We provide drug testing services for our service users, including

  • Urine drug testing to screen for illicit substances
  • Hair drug testing to identify possible drug use through laboratory analysis of hair samples

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