Service Quality Standards (SQS)

Social Welfare Department and subvented organizations have implemented 16 SQSs, which refer to the level of service provision in 16 areas that service units are expected to attain. The aims of implementing SQSs is to provide service users with high quality services and to enhance the overall service standard of local welfare sector. The following are brief introductions to SQSs implemented at our unit. Hard copies of these descriptions are available at our centres for loan by the public.

Service Quality StandardsContent
SQS1: Service InformationThe service unit ensures that a clear description of its purpose, objectives and mode of service delivery is publicly available.
SQS2: Review & Update Policies & ProceduresThe service unit should review and update the documented policies and procedures describing how it will approach key service delivery issues.
SQS3: RecordsThe service unit maintains accurate and current records of service operations and activities.
SQS4: Roles and ResponsibilitiesThe roles and responsibilities of all staff, managers, the Management Committee and/or the Board or other decision-making bodies should be clearly defined.
SQS5: Human ResourcesThe service unit/agency implements effective staff recruitment, contracting, development, training, assessment, deployment and disciplinary practices.
SQS6: Planning Evaluation and FeedbackThe service unit regularly plans, reviews and evaluates its own performance, and has an effective mechanism by which service users, staff and other interested parties can provide feedback on its performance.
SQS7: Financial ManagementThe service unit implements policies and procedures to ensure effective financial management.
SQS8: Legal ObligationsThe service unit complies with all relevant legal obligations.
SQS9: Safe Physical EnvironmentThe service unit takes all reasonable steps to ensure that it provides a safe physical environment for its staff and service users.
SQS10: Entry and ExitThe service unit ensures that service users have clear and accurate information about how to enter and leave the service.
SQS11: Needs of Service UsersThe service unit has a planned approach to assessing and meeting service users’ needs (whether the service user is an individual, family, group or community).
SQS12: Informed ChoicesThe service unit respects the service users' right to make informed choices of the service they receive as far as practicable.
SQS13: Private PropertyThe service unit respects the service users' rights in relation to private property.
SQS14: Privacy and ConfidentialityThe service unit respects the service users’ rights for privacy and confidentiality.
SQS15: ComplaintsEach service user and staff member is free to raise and have addressed, without fear of retribution, any complaints he or she may have regarding the agency or the service unit.
SQS16: Free from AbuseThe service unit takes all reasonable steps to ensure that service users are free from abuse.

For more information, please feel free to borrow the SQS documents from our Duty Social Worker.