Volunteer Services

Rehabilitation is a long and winding road. Quitting drugs is merely the first step; reintegration into society is the next crucial step to recovery.

Happy Ambassadors

Happy Ambassadors provide recovering drug abusers, affected family members and people from the public with a platform on which they can learn from each other. It also helps drug abusers to acquire more interests and experience the happiness of helping others. These positive experiences help service users to develop new social roles and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Think Meaningfully

Comprising drug abusers-in-recovery, this multi-talented volunteering team serve and empower drug addicts, families in poverty and persons with lived experiences with their imagination, personal experiences and varying skills sets.

Outreach Services by Family Peers

Comprising affected family members, this outreaching team provides families hit by drug-related problems with emotional support and knowledge derived from lived experience through means of home visits and talks.

Sharing Session by Family Peers

Happy Ambassadors visiting the elderly

Art and craft session by members of Think Meaningfully

Art and craft session by members of Think Meaningfully

Gathering of Happy Ambassadors

Gathering of Happy Ambassadors