Co-dependency Survey

What is co-dependency?

Co-dependency refers to the loss of self as well as helping behavior that leads to negative effects on both the family member and drug abuser. Family members affected by co-dependency may display symptoms of insomnia, depression, feeling of numbness, long-term stress as well as weakened immune system. Also they are more prone to develop illnesses such as asthma and cancer.

What is co-dependency? Symptoms include

  • Loss of self
  • Helping drug abusers at all costs
  • Control and manipulation
  • Disregard of personal health and the welfare of other significant others

There are means to alleviate symptoms of co-dependency, including:

  1. Realigning relationship by marking a clear boundary
  2. Dealing with personal pain and loss
  3. Learning and practising self-acceptance as well as self-care

People Dependency Checklist

To help determine your degree of people dependency check the following which apply most of the time (be honest):

(Translated from “Let’s Stand Up Straight”, Dr Bruce Litchfield with consent given by author)

I have difficulty identifying or expressing my feelingsYes / No
I try to manage other people, or control their livesYes / No
I have unrealistic expectations for myself and othersYes / No
I am concerned about what others think of meYes / No
I feel responsible for the behaviour or feelings of othersYes / No
I need approval from someone to feel good about myselfYes / No
I don’t trust my own opinions or viewsYes / No
I have lied in order to protect another personYes / No
I need to take care of someone to feel usefulYes / No
I try to avoid conflictYes / No
I experience pain or illnessYes / No
I feel powerless to change my lifeYes / No
I have difficulty making decisionsYes / No
I have low self-esteemYes / No
I involve myself in relationships that are not good for meYes / No
I confuse my thoughts and feelings with those of anotherYes / No
I try to read the mind of loved ones or analyse themYes / No
I feel someone should be punished for letting me downYes / No
I have tried without success to end an unhealthy relationshipYes / No
I must be strong, good or perfect to be acceptedYes / No
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Your Result:0 time(s)


If you checked 0-5 times you are probably a well-rounded, happy person who can make choices about relationships.
If you checked 6-10 times you are preoccupied with another person, losing yourself in the relationship (mild dependency).
If you checked 11-15 times you have an unhealthy people dependency, focused on the problems or concerns of another Person to avoid your own feelings (Moderate dependency)
If you checked 16-20 times you are addicted to someone else who is an addict or compulsive (high dependency)

Do call for help from Caritas Lok Heep Club, if youe are afraid that you have Codepedency